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BLOGGER VS WORDPRESS | Which One is Better platform in 2020


Blogger vs WordPress Today I will explain all the information to you step by step. I get a lot of emails asking me to tell which blog platform (Blogger or WordPress) is best and on which we should work on it.


In this article, you will be able to choose the right way on which platform you want to work or choose.

Let us start BLOGGER vs WordPress

  1. PRICE

You all know that blogger is the only product of google, it provides you absolutely free blogging. For this, you do not need to pay anything and in this, you get the extension for free.

And the WordPress site that you get is also absolutely free WordPress but there are so many restrictions in it that why you should have to purchase web hosting for it so that you can completely customize your WordPress theme by removing all those restrictions.

You know that it is necessary to purchase web hosting from a hosting company only then you will be able to install WordPress.

And inside the blog on blogger, there is a web hosting of your own, in which only you have to add your own domain name. You have to buy the domain name and you can buy from any website, it should be a top-level domain name.

So whether you want to use that domain name in blogger or use it in WordPress, you must have to purchase the domain name for both.


Blogger handles very good traffic means if your website is made in blogger and traffic is coming in a lot, then there is no issue of any kind in it.

But if we make our website in WordPress then our website gets down due to a little more traffic. Its simple answer is that you take shared hosting and there are restrictions in shared hosting.


If more traffic is coming to your website, then you will have to upgrade your hosting plan which is buying from a hosting service provider and there will be no tension in upgrading at that time, because when traffic is coming more, then your earning is also definitely.

So with shared hosting, you can upgrade your hosting plan and your traffic problem will be solved.


Do you know that when you make your website in WordPress then you have all the control over it?

And the blogger is not owned by you but will be owned by Google. Meaning to say, you can also create a website within the blogger, you can delete things, you can also edit, you can also upload.

If you have done some illegal work inside the blogger or if anyone has gone against the guidelines of Google, then Google can delete the google account of your blogger without giving notice.

And there will be nothing like this in WordPress. Google does not have any authority in WordPress that they can take any action on your website. Only, you can blacklist your website so that your website does not show inside Google search.

            But nothing like this will happen inside Blogger, direct your website will be closed.


There is no need to explain this in more detail because you all know that in WordPress you get themes or plugins for free and paid.

There is a lot of easy customization options inside it. In plugins, you just downloaded and activated it and its work started.

But there is no such plugin in blogger and the themes of bloggers are not so attractive that you can use it. Mostly you download your blogger templates from another website. And then install it inside your blogger.

But plugins, extensions, add-ons, you will never find all these features inside your blogger.


You will get many plugins in WordPress so that you can increase the speed of your website with just one click.

But there is so much coding inside the blogger, when you go to a third-party website to download and install the template, there is so much coding inside it, due to which the speed of your blog post in the blogger will be slow down. 

Either delete all the coding, delete the template, and use the basic templates of the blogger. Compress the images that you add to the blogger and after compressing it, keep the size of 460 * 360 pixels or less than only that the speed of your website will be increased.

But this is not going to happen in WordPress at all because you can easily do this thing by using plugins.


            You can also get AdSense approval in Blogger and also in WordPress.

When you do not add a custom domain inside Blogger, then the URL of your blogger in it is extension.

 And within this, you will get AdSense approval only after going for 4 to 7 months. If you will add a custom domain, follow the guidelines, then you will get approval within a month in both WordPress or blogger.

Another thing about the safety of Google Adsense

So with security purposes, you will get the plugin in WordPress that whenever someone comes to your website, if they are your hater, then they deliberately go to your website and forcefully click on Google ads, then after one or two clicks their ads and will be disabled.

 24 hours, 48 hours, whatever you want to set time, you can do this thing in it. Which will make your Google Adsense account absolutely safe.

But you will not find this thing in blogger at all.


Blogger is a product of Google, due to which you get 100% security of Google. I have not heard to date that the blogger's website has been hacked. 

If someone makes a mistake and tells someone the password, then that is a different thing. But I never heard this thing in blogger because Google has so much tied security. That's why a blogger is very safe in this thing.


But in WordPress all control is yours. If you have not added any plugin related to security purpose or do not host your website on a good web hosting, then security errors will definitely come in your website. They can be any kind of error.


You can also take backup inside your blogger. There is also this option inside it and in WordPress, you get a lot of plugins or tools through which you can easily backup your website.


We always make a website so that it can be submitted in Google search. We get the benefit of coming in the top 10, coming in the top 5, coming in the top 3, so we create our website.

In Blogger you have to manually do all the SEO yourself. In this, you neither get any plugin related to SEO nor any kind of help because it is open-source software.


But in WordPress, you get many plugins related to SEO. By which you get to know in a sec that you have made some mistake while writing the article due to which there is a problem in getting your page ranked in Google.

So easily you can look at mistakes in that plugin and fix it.


Now after seeing all the points, it is your job to make a decision whether you want to use a blogger or WordPress.

But I will definitely recommend one thing. If you are starting at all and you are not so financially strong nor want to invest any money, then you must start from the blogger itself.

Just purchase the domain name and set it in your blogger. You can know how to connect the domain by clicking on it.

And after that, when you have the experience, confidence comes and starts earning a little too much, friends, I will recommend you to shift quickly to WordPress which is a content management system.

Which will make it easier for you to work.

Therefore, if you have any queries regarding Blogger vs WordPress then you will freely contact me through the email which is given in the about section page.


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