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Here's What No One Tells You About Google Adsense.

 Google Adsense is a very controversial topic on the internet and almost every method of right or wrong information is available on the internet about Google Adsense program, so today I will tell you complete information about what Adsense is called and How can we make money from it?


Let's start

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is an advertisement publishing program from Google. Only Google allows its publisher to monetize their website, blog, or video content and earn money from it.

Let's know how it happens

Friends, almost every kind of website and content is available on the internet and whenever you search for some keywords or search about someone's website and when you open that website then you will find out different ways on that website.

The content is seen on that website i.e it contains text articles, images, and also running advertising program ads. Whenever you click on ads, in return, the publisher gets some revenue which generates some earning in his AdSense account. its products or services are better than other google alternatives.

Google ads are available in almost every type of operating devices. Google ads are available on desktops, laptops, tablets, and devices that you may have seen before.

Friends, Google's ads are of almost everywhere, these ads must have been seen in your YouTube videos, and then whatever you read the article, on any website, the all ads sizes are available on all types of content.

Requirements for Applying Google Adsense

If you want, you can also apply for Google AdSense. You will need a few things before applying with AdSense for search. If you want to generate income through advertising, then for that you should have a website or blog on which you provide content to your user.

If you want to know how to make a website or blog, then you have to click on this link.

Links are given below, I have explained it very step by step in an easy way, just you have to click on these links: -

Few Important Things to Know for everyone to create Content on the Internet


1. Whatever content you are creating, whether it be text articles, then the video should be made sure that your content is unique.

2. You try to create your own content and do not copy your content from anywhere. If you copy from anywhere, then rewrite it and make it unique.

3. Your content should not be duplicated or copied from somewhere that is already on the web. If you use such copied content then there is a lot of chances that Google will not approve your AdSense.

4. So try to create content on your own, be it unique content, fresh content, whatever form of content is an article, video, or images, your content should be fresh.

5. If you create high-quality content then there is a lot of chance that you will get approval for Google AdSense.

6. If you are a publisher of Already Adsense, then never try to use any kind of spamming technique so that you can earn maximum income, then it will increase your chances of getting your account banned.

7. Generating income from AdSense is not an overnight view, however much good content you can create, but you cannot generate income from it overnight.

 8. So try to deliver your content frequently with the user so that you can interact with them as much as possible.

9. If you interact more and more, the maximum audience base will grow.

10. If you deliver the content that the user wants, then your chances are greater that you can generate more income from Adsense.

How to create or Setup Google Adsense Account

First of all, you have to go to Google and write the keyword Google Adsense in the google search bar, then you will have to see many search results shows related to this keyword.


You do not have to click on any other search result. You always have to click on its official website. Its official website will show on the first of the search results, then you have to click on that website.

then you will go to its official website.

After that, you have to create your account by clicking on Signup.

When your account is created, you should write your username and password somewhere so that you do not forget to login later.

As soon as you log in to your Google AdSense account, after that, you will need to set up your Adsense ad account. If you do not know how to set up an ad units account, do not panic, I will teach you how to set up the account.

 Let's start to Setup Google Adsense Account

Friends, if you create an account of AdSense, you get to see this kind of interface.

Here you will see that I have 0 dollars in my account because these accounts have created a dummy account for the purpose of tutorials.

Friends Google Adsense account is created for placing ad placement to earning both from YouTube and blog.

1. You have to go to the account first. You have to click on the account option, after going to this, we will now see the account information.

 And at the top you will see, here we get to see the notification bar. If any notification will come from Google for Adsense, then they will be shown here. After that, you have to see the information on your Adsense account.

2. After this you will go to personal settings. After clicking on this option, such a page will be opened with you. It contains the first login email to which my Google AdSense links.


3. After that you will see the option contact details. In this you do not have to write the name of your channel, you only have to write your name. If you have any other name written in your account, then you have to change that name.

4. After this, you have to keep the same email in the contact email that you use daily so that if someone contacts you, then directly get the email directly to you so that you can reply to that email immediately.

5. After this, you get to see the email preference in which you have to tick everyone boxes. You have to keep all the boxes checked.


6. After this, you will get to see the option of language, you have to choose your language, I have to choose English. After setting the language option, you have to save these settings by clicking Save.

7. After this, you will see the payment option, you have to click on that option and you will open such a page in which you will get to see these settings from payments.

Friends, as soon as your 10 dollars are completed, then after that you will see two other options.

8.  After this, we will click on manage settings. After clicking on it, you will have a new page open. In which you have to come down and select your country by clicking on the country option. You always have to choose that country for which you have a bank account.


9. After this, you have to select individuals in the account type option.

10. After this, there is the name and address option in which you have to fill the same name and address that are in your bank account so that the PIN of Google AdSense comes to your address so that it can reach your address correctly.


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