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What is SEO? What are the initial step-by-step to guide SEO tutorials in 2020

 If you have a youtube channel and you are not getting views or you have created a website and no traffic is coming on it. If the visitor is not visiting your website, then how can SEO help you to increase your visitor.


What is SEO?

SEO definition:- SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Suppose you create a website and you put a lot of high-quality content on it, then how will you bring a visitor to that content. This means how a user will come to your website to see the content that you put on your web page of the website.


So friends there are three ways

1. Either you can bring traffic to your website by sharing your site on social media. You will not get much benefit from this, only hardly 100 to 200 users will visit your website.

2. Another way is to either run ads. You can run ads on any advertisement services provider platform, such as Google ads, Facebook ads, or you can run ads like that before the YouTube video plays.

The only problem is that there are too many costs invested in it because we pay money for running ads.

3. Friends come the third way are organic search. You can take millions of hits from organic search, they are also free. I will tell you how

Suppose you have to do some search on the internet, then what will you do: you will first go to and or else the search engine is,, etc. Then you will type a keyword (what you type is called a keyword within Google's search bar). 

So, suppose you have done any keyword research within Google, then now it becomes the responsibility of Google that on top of that keyword Whatever website you have, show you its list. Now how is Google making this list? Therefore SEO is used to do this.

This search engine is how we optimize it so that the website that we have created will come to the top in those results so that if one searches a particular keyword in the whole world, then more driving traffic will come to our website.

How to optimize a website


Suppose you have created a website, then tell Google that which website you have created is above on this particular thing or category. Google is not a god, it's just a website. So Google has created a thing for website owners that is google webmaster.

If you create a website, first you go to google webmaster SEO tools and tell Google that I have created a new website, related to this particular thing or category, then you use your algorithm and rank my website.

 Now, what happens,

How many crores of websites will be in the world and even if the websites that rank on a keyword are not ranked throughout their life, competitors come and come who push to make your website come down? All these things are controlled with Google's algorithm.

Search Engine Optimization SEO If we talk about Google, if we have to search queries in Google, then how to optimize our website, then a lot of conditions are created on it.

So, friends, there are many people in the world who say that we will take so much money to do technical SEO and many companies are running which have made full business on guide to SEO.

Suppose I have created a website, I want to get it to search engine optimization, then the front company will tell you to give 10-15 thousand rupees, then I will do your SEO on this keyword and also rank your website on Google.

 If you are giving 10-20 thousand rupees to that company, then why are you giving that money? You can learn how Search Engine Optimization works by sitting at home for free.

Search Engine Optimization also has many parts that are white hat and black hat SEO.


1. White Hat is that we do nothing, for ranking we gave our website to Google. Now it becomes the responsibility of Google to rank the website that we have.

2. Black Hat SEO is that we are forcing Google, forcing its coding, forcing its algorithm to rank my website and it has a lot of conditions depending on a lot of factors Seo your Website's over Google.

So let me explain to you the small things ranking factors are the same, your domain is your website name, it should be such that it matches that keyword and user experience,mobile-friendly themes, put anchor text, link building, internal links, and the title, descriptions, tags are all common, you know that What to do and what not to do. 

Even after that, the website does not rank in Google. Once your website is ranked on a keyword, all the people around the world who search it will get your website and you will get free traffic from organic search.

Friends, Search Engine Optimization can never be covered in one article because this is very vast. If we want to cover in this article, then the article will become very lengthy. Which you will find boring to read the article. Therefore, I will write an article in its series, which you do not find it boring to read.

That is SEO has to run in different ways for Every search engine of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Now we are on which website to search which keyword to rank in which search engine. Now rank is not so easy that if I click a button or my website will rank. 

There is a lot of competition because the entire online presence marketing world is dependent on Google. If their website is ranked in Google Assume that ipl is running now, if your website is ranked number 1 on IPL keywords, then imagine how many searches of IPL must have been done all over the world. 

All the search traffic comes to your website, you get a lot of advertisements on your website and sit at home to earn crores of rupees from a single website. But it is not so easy. There are many things, depending on many factors and if someone tells you that I will teach you SEO in three thousand rupees, five thousand rupees, then my friends tell him that search engine optimization is such not a big thing. 

It is not a thing that if B is coming after A today, then it will continue like this throughout life even if no one else comes in any way. So things of SEO are changes in the Search Engine results pages Optimization or Google algorithm.

So do not give money to someone like this, you should Google to learn search engine optimization, only that you should google because there is no option other than this. Google is a very good link for image search.

Pages on your site are well optimized rather than other websites and you will do SEO perfectly in your site by following these steps.


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