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create a wordpress blog| easy guide to start in 15 minutes

We are going to tell you about the full tutorial about how to start or create a WordPress blog in the beginner to advance

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. A content management system is that you have to make a very big WordPress website in which you will post or in which you will host your content. 

It is a kind of advanced platform and in a way, it is a mixture of PHP and SQL. Many people came together to create an open-source content management system (cms) called WordPress which is built in PHP coding.

This is a kind of online software that you install in your WordPress hosting and you can manage your blog post as if you are running WordPress blogs examples like Facebook, Gmail, Google, etc by clicking it.


 In this, you are the owner of your WordPress site, no third person is there to manage your website. It gives you full access to the authority of your website, no one can change it without you because you are the owner of your site or personal blog. There are no restrictions on this platform. 

This is a paid platform and has to run or install on web Hosting. you have to purchase the web hosting plan to make a top level website or blog. This platform is easier than another platform because there are many SEO plugins that are there to just install it and activate it, no external coding is required to make changes on your blog or website.

 In this platform you have to fully customize your blog with a WordPress theme just a drag and drop option there is also no coding required for it. The WordPress community is there to help you when you have any problems with the WordPress software.

Step by steps to start a WordPress blog


 First of all, you have to choose a niche or category. Do you know what is a niche? You do not worry, I tell you what is called a niche.


Niche is a kind of category. If we choose a category, then we can make an article on that topic. We have to choose a category on which we can make a new WordPress site. It is also called a kind of topic on which we create content and post it on our WordPress blog.

 We always have to select the same Niche on which we can make many articles later. If we select a niche about which we have no knowledge or there is no interest in that niche, then our blog will not run.

 Because we will have trouble writing articles and our heart will not be engaged in blogging with half incomplete knowledge. Then we will leave it in the middle. That's why a lot of bloggers leave it in the middle.


If we have selected the niche then after that we will have to buy a domain. Domains we have to buy from a good company like Godaddy, big rock, Namecheap,

Hostinger, etc. on all these platforms you will get a domain at a cheap price. If you want to buy it from any side, you can buy it.

While buying the domain you have to keep in mind that we always have to keep the domain name according to your niche. If you are getting a domain according to your niche, then it is good, otherwise you have to always take a domain similar to your niche. With this, your WordPress blog will rank quickly. Because your domain is SEO friendly.


If you have purchased your domain then after that you will have to buy web hosting because hosting is required to host the domain. Like if we want to save any data, for that we need empty space on which we can save our file. Similarly, WordPress blogs also need space in which they can save and keep all their data.

 That is why we need web hosting. Because web hosting is a server that has free space to save files. Web hosting would be of many types. If we want, we can buy shared hosting or buy our own dedicated server and host a blog on it.

(i) Shared hosting

Shared hosting is a type of shareable hosting on which many people host their website or WordPress blog in one server. These are budget hosting that everyone can buy. This hosting should be purchased only in the beginning because in starting, there is not much traffic on our blog.

They manage sufficient traffic and as soon as our blog starts to rank or we are earning, only then will we host our site on the dedicated server.

(ii) Dedicated servers

Dedicated servers are their own servers on which no one else can host their website or blog without your permission. You are the owner of this server yourself and you have to manage it.

In this, no matter how much traffic it is, it will manage it easily and its storage capacity is also much more than shared is not an affordable hosting for beginner because it’s too much premium hosting.


If you have completed step 2 and step 3 above, then only you will be able to complete further steps. You have purchased your domain and web hosting, then after that, you have to connect the domain with hosting.

To connect the domain, you have to follow these steps: -

(I) If you bought your domain from any service provider, the settings are the same as connecting the domain with hosting. I will explain to you the example of a BIGROCK service provider.


(II) You have to go to the website of a big rock services provider and log in.


After login, you will have Cpanel open.


(III) After that, you have to change the nameserver. You will get the nameserver from the hosting provider. In the Cpanel of the domain, you will get the option to change the nameserver to click on that option.


(IV)  After clicking, a window will open. In that window, you have to enter the nameserver. Then you have to click on Modify Nameserver and save it.


After saving you will receive an email that your nameserver has been updated.


(V) After changing the nameserver, you will also have to set the hosting settings to which your domain will be connected.

You have to go to your web hosting service provider company website and log in. After login, you will open the Cpanel of hosting.

Then you have to click on the hosting option. When you click on hosting, a new window will open after that. That window will have the option of addon domain to click on that option.


(VI) After that another window will open, in that window, you have to set your domain, that is, you will have to fill your domain name and click on the Add button.

As soon as you connect, your domain will be connected after 2 minutes.


After doing step 4 NOW you have to install WordPress and after that, you will have a WordPress blog signup. To install it, you will need to open the Cpanel of your web hosting.
After this, you will find the option of auto-installer by going to the website section of the Cpanel of hosting. You have to click on that option.


After that, you will have to open a new window. In that window you will see WordPress, you just have to click on it. After clicking, you have to fill the username and password.

Then you have to install WordPress by clicking on the install button and WordPress get started. For better performance, WordPress latest version 2020 download you have to download it.



After installing WordPress you will have to WordPress blog login and also created a unique article. You have to create an article by creating content with the block editor. Your WordPress blogs to read its article should be SEO friendly.


 If your article is SEO friendly then it will be easy to rank your WordPress blog. You have to continuously create articles and post them on your blog. Doing this will bring traffic to your blog. 

When traffic starts coming on your blog, then only then you will have to apply for Google Adsense. You should always keep in mind that your posts and pages are unique.

If your content is unique then google Adsense will get approval. Only then you can earn money from the WordPress blog just like small businesses.


In the WordPress features list, you get the option to change the design of WordPress blog themes with the help of a plugin. You do not need any kind of coding to design your WordPress blog. 


All you have to do is simply drag and drop the option to design your blog. You can create that kind of design very easily as you think. To make this, you have to install the Elementor plugin.

 In WordPress, you can customize the blog in many ways by downloading the free themes and premium themes regarding your choice whenever you go to free or paid themes. You do not need any coding to customize.



In WordPress, you also get the many plugins like cache, design, javascript, SEO, math rank, toast SEO, WordPress news plugin, etc. You just have to download the plugin and activate it to do any changes to the WordPress blog.

If you want to fast or optimize your blog, then you have to download and activate the plugin for it, after that your blog will become fast and responsive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is WordPress blog free?


How to start a WordPress blog for free?

WordPress blogs are self-hosted platforms such as and You can make a Free WordPress blog on 

But with that blog subdomain will be attached to it. If you have to remove it, then you have to take paid services. 

You will have to go to login and WordPress org hosting cost is too much which is not preferred by the beginner's blogger.

Therefore, if you are a professional blogger then go to for it and if you are just a writer then you will have to go for free. This is not a free or paid platform as preferring your need is dependent on it.

Can a WordPress blog make money?

Yes, we can make money with WordPress Blog. For this, traffic should come to your blog and you should get the approval of Google AdSense so that you can earn money by running ads.

How do I blog on WordPress?

Go to step 5

Is WordPress good for blogging?

Yes, it is good for blogging but blogger is also best. For more detail clicks on its WordPress blog.


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