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How To Start a Blog - Easy step by step Guide


What is

If you are an expert in one field, you have a good knowledge of that thing, then you can write unique content about that thing and it is called blogging. Like if I take it upon myself that I am a digital marketing expert if you are an expert in any field,

 then you have knowledge about a field such as knowledge of education, knowledge of product or service, knowledge of homes, knowledge of kitchens, food etc and If you have knowledge of anything else, then you can write content about it to tell the people, then it is called blogging.

Similarly, you should have knowledge of one field, you should be an expert in one field, like that:-

(i)                  if you are interested in foods, you have good knowledge of food, then you can tell about food recipes,

(ii)                you can expert in digital marketing So, you can tell about digital marketing

(iii)                you are an expert on tourism, then you can create a travel blog site,

(iv)               if you are an expert of an affiliate marketing, then you can tell people about an affiliate

(v)                 If you are an expert of any specific topics, then you can tell people about those topics,

(vi)               if you want my knowledge to be useful to someone else, then you can write about that knowledge and that knowledge will be shared with the people in the social network.

Types of blogging

Before you start it, you have to see how many types are there, how many ways you can do it, which field you are an expert in and in which fields you want to do it, then, first of all, you should see it then only you should start it.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you will always choose the one categories and one type of niche to the targeted audiences. After that, you will start working regularly on the same type, then you can be successful in it.

There are basically seven types you can start it:-

1.       Personal blogging:-

if you want to share information about yourself, then you can share it. How is your lifestyle, what do you do throughout the day, and what is your daily routine, you can share all that in this type.

2.       Business blogging:-

In this type, you can tell about your business. Whatever your business is, you can share the complete information about that business.

 Because of which your business will run better and double. You won't have to go anywhere. Your business will run online and you will not need to take any tension.

3.       Professional blogging:-

is what people do professionally and it is also popular blogging because many people in our country to run it professionally. Those people who do only write unique content to post on their website to earn money from it, so that they can run their home. Such people depend only on it, they do not have any other work to do to fill their family's stomach. If people who want to make money only by doing this so that their profession is only this type of work.

4.       Niche Blogging:-

in which you can choose only one of the niche categories and make a website on it. The thing to keep in mind is that you will always have to write unique content in the one categories in which you are an expert and as you will not have any trouble later. If you choose the one categories, then it will be easier to write a post.

5.       Reverse Blogging:-

In this, you can create a post in which any guest post. If you have a team of experts, then you can have that team also post daily from different people or different members. There are many people in this type, they all work together on the same website.

6.      Affiliate Blogging:-

In this, you can reviews affiliate products or you can review Amazon products and here you can also add affiliate links. firstly You need to be an affiliate account before you start then You have to join the affiliate associate to able to add the link in the post. 

7.      Media Blogging:-

In this, where you can post videos, you can post Instagram posts, you can post images, and related to it you can do it this type of media to post on the website which you are created.

You can do this in seven ways and in whatever field you are an expert, you can share that information with the people.

How to Start Blogging


If you have selected that you will write on which types of unique content on the website, then you can create a blog for it. To start it, basically, you have to do four or five steps. After that, you can start your complete website.

1.       Select Free Domain and Custom Domain Name-as your choice

First of all, you have to select the free domain and a custom domain name ( If you want to purchase a domain then my recommended is that You can use GoDaddy to get the domain). You have to see which domain name you are choosing for your website,

                              then you can select the domain name according to that type of categories or niche. In a domain name, you should always keep in mind that they should be catchy, have a good name, it should be the same name as of your niche that you have to buy.

2.       Buy Web Hosting

After that, you have to get web hosting and on which web host, you would like to host your domain name. (To buy web hosting You can use these two websites and which give you a best and affordable price). You can take hosting of both these companies and you can host your blog content on it to maintaining a blog.

If you have a small website in starting, then you can start with a basic plan. You can host your domain by taking the basic plan.

3.       Select design

In this designing step, you have to see which category or type you are in. If you are from education, then you will keep your design related to education if you are writing technical content, then you have to keep your design related to it. In this way, from whatever niche you have your website, and you will have to keep the design according to that niche.

4.       Write Blog

If you have completed your first three steps, taken the domain, taken the hosting and have also designed the site, then after that you can start writing your unique content to make a post. You can start writing unique content posts and you can save them either in your WordPress(you have to install WordPress) or in the blog desktop-like blogger(no need to install it, only go to

5.    Promote blog

To promote a site, you can post on social media, you can create backlinks, you can do a guest post and there are many ways that you can promote your blog post using it.

Select Platform

TOP-SECRETS-OF-BLOGGING(2020)Friends, when you complete all this process. You have selected which type of article you want to write like you will write an education, you will write a food and whatever type of article you write it, then after that, you select your domain name and your hosting to also take it. After this, you start writing unique content, now you have to see what you want to keep your platform.

Which platform do you have to work on? You can do it with two options: -

1. Free Platform

2. Paid Platform



Squarespace, etc


Or there are many platforms on which you can start it by posting your post.

You can also use the paid platform if you have to work in pro. You have to do well and if you want to keep everything your own then you should have your own domain name and hosting. Therefore, you should use its paid platform.

 friends, you also have to see which platform you have to use in it. If you want to use the best platform then you can use WordPress. Because WordPress is paid and you have to all control over it.

Why should start blogging

There are a lot of benefits for starting it. First of all its benefits is that you can earn money sitting at home. If you start writing some good article in the beginning then after a few months you start earning money.

Second benefits are you get experience, if you are an expert in any field, then you can get good knowledge in that field i.e Search engine optimization from the beginner, you have no knowledge about in this field, after a few years you will be gain full knowledge about the SEO and gives you good or better search engine results of your post.due to experienced search engine optimization blogger. 

The third benefits are to help people, or somewhere you are helping many people. Those who want to know about any field such as want to know about the education field, foods field, tag post etc you can help them by posting a unique article.

 After that you will analyze or drive traffic of a site or that article is ranked on which numbers of pages to know about which people are interested in which field  .where as you should know about the people interest to help them directly by posting on that topics. In this easy way to do Blogging very well.


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