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 About Us

Hello friends! Welcome to my Multiinfos blog

This is a great blog with a multi-purpose blog. This blog is all in one blog where you can experience or get information about every single topic and stay tuned to this blog for more updates.

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How To Start a Blog - Easy step by step Guide

TOP-SECRETS-OF-BLOGGING-(2020) What is blogging If you are an expert in one field, you have a good knowledge of that thing, then you can write unique content about that thing and it is called blogging . Like if I take it upon myself that I am a digital marketing expert if you are an expert in any field,  then you have knowledge about a field such as knowledge of education, knowledge of product or service, knowledge of homes, knowledge of kitchens, food etc and If you have knowledge of anything else, then you can write content about it to tell the people, then it is called blogging. Similarly, you should have knowledge of one field, you should be an expert in one field, like that:- (i)                   if you are interested in foods, you have good knowledge of food, then you can tell about food recipes, (ii)                 you can expert in digital marketing So, you can tell about digital marketing (iii)                you are an expert on tourism, then you can create a travel blo

create a wordpress blog| easy guide to start in 15 minutes

W e are going to tell you about the full tutorial about how to start or create a   WordPress blog in the beginner to advance What is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system. A content management system is that you have to make a very big WordPress website in which you will post or in which you will host your content.  It is a kind of advanced platform and in a way, it is a mixture of PHP and SQL. Many people came together to create an open-source content management system (cms) called WordPress which is built in PHP coding. This is a kind of online software that you install in your WordPress hosting and you can manage your blog post as if you are running WordPress blogs examples like Facebook, Gmail, Google, etc by clicking it.  In this, you are the owner of your WordPress site, no third person is there to manage your website. It gives you full access to the authority of your website, no one can change it without you because you are the owner of your site or perso

BLOGGER VS WORDPRESS | Which One is Better platform in 2020

 DIFFERENCE Blogger vs WordPress Today I will explain all the information to you step by step. I get a lot of emails asking me to tell which blog platform (Blogger or WordPress) is best and on which we should work on it. In this article, you will be able to choose the right way on which platform you want to work or choose. Let us start BLOGGER vs WordPress PRICE You all know that blogger is the only product of google, it provides you absolutely free blogging. For this, you do not need to pay anything and in this, you get the extension for free. And the WordPress site that you get is also absolutely free WordPress but there are so many restrictions in it that why you should have to purchase web hosting for it so that you can completely customize your WordPress theme by removing all those restrictions. You know that it is necessary to purchase web hosting from a hosting company only then you will be able to install WordPress. And inside the blog on blogger, th

Here's What No One Tells You About Google Adsense.

  G oogle A dsense is a very controversial topic on the internet and almost every method of right or wrong information is available on the internet about Google Adsense program, so today I will tell you complete information about what Adsense is called and How can we make money from it? Let's start What is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is an advertisement publishing program from Google. Only Google allows its publisher to monetize their website, blog, or video content and earn money from it. Let's know how it happens Friends, almost every kind of website and content is available on the internet and whenever you search for some keywords or search about someone's website and when you open that website then you will find out different ways on that website. The content is seen on that website i.e it contains text articles, images, and also running advertising program ads. Whenever you click on ads, in return, the publisher gets some revenue which generates some earning in his